“Low-Temperature" Healthy Monk Fruit

Originated from China, Guangxi Province, Guilin Yongfu District, Longjiang Village also well known as “Luo Han Guo” or Monk Fruit Village. We are using scientific cryogenic hot air baking technology, to maintain all the organic nutrients, the quality has exceed International standards.
It is the first batch announcement by China Government as Natural Sweetness Fruit which can be use as Food and Medicine.
Monk Fruit can be apply to diabetes , allergies or high blood pressure patients . Although it sweetness 300 times sweeter than sucrose , but low in calories. It is an ideal natural sugar substitute for obesity people and diabetes patients. Since ancient times, Monk Fruit was regarded as Kampo Medicine and “ The fruit of God”. In Chinese Medicine Monk Fruit is use as agent to lower blood glucose and blood pressure. This will also helping diabetes patient to enjoy the diet and improve the physical and mental to fight disease. In addition, Monk fruit contains antioxidants and balanced minerals as essential nutrients for diabetes patients.
Active oxygen is an important element to sustain life, but also cause cell aging, cancer, atherosclerosis (heart disease, stroke), allergies and other diseases of this modern time. Monk Fruit is rich in antioxidants (scavenger), it can absorb the active oxygen to eliminate the human body injury. Monk Fruit is a natural food, not refined pharmaceutical chemical composition therefore it can be sustainable use.

Comparison Between “Low-Temperature Healthy" Luo Han Guo And Normal Luo Han Guo

“Low-Temperature" Luo Han Guo
Normal Luo Han Guo
“Low-Temperature" Luo Han Guo Normal Luo Han Guo
1. Colour Golden colour and clear Darken colour and unclear
2. Taste Sweet Bitter and Sweetsour
3. Nutrient Maintain all the organic nutrients Some of nutrients outflow
4. Processing Method 65˚C for 8 days 85˚C for 2 days
5. Seeding The best La Jiang fruit seeding Any variety


  • Suppression sore throats, hoarse and cough relief
  • Colon cleansing and clear heat
  • Detox and anti-oxygen
  • Preventing Atherosclerosis (heart disease, stroke), Alzheimer's
  • Relieve blood pressure, blood glucose , gastric, constipation, asthma and allergies

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