Nature Structured Water

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Structured Water - 天然纯水
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"Structured Water is created by the natural action of water found in nature."

The nature action of water tumbling over rocks, down waterfalls, flowing through twists and turns as actively descends a mountain actually structures water. Water molecules are free to move and "dance with nature" in an energerticall alive, fresh vibrant manner. Through this process themolecular structure of water is changed to reflect less surface tension, neutralized toxins, cleared memory and balance on particle level.



"Structure Water is created by the natural action of water found un nature." 天然纯水是运用物理特性,令水分子自然重新组合的结构。

How does Structure Water benefit you

  • Water that's alive and full of energy
  • Energetically neutrallize hamful toxins
  • Increased oxygen
  • Super hydration
  • Increased absorption of nutrients
  • The nagative memory in the water wiped clean
  • Greater sense of well-being
  • Reduces hard mineral build-up
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Eliminates itchy skin
  • 天然纯水对人体的好处:

  • 提升体内的能量
  • 去除水中的人工化学污染毒素
  • 增加水份的养份
  • 超级水合作用
  • 超强的渗透力
  • 清除水中所载记忆
  • 更好的口感
  • 激发并保留水中对人体有益的矿物质
  • 更健康的皮肤和头发
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